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Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Richmond

5700 Fitzhugh Avenue
Richmond, VA 23226

(804) 288-5700

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(804) 288-5700

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Balance and Vestibular: Through a multidisciplinary team approach, this program evaluates patients with persistent dizziness or disequilibrium. This multidisciplinary team evaluation allows for a timely and more accurate diagnosis of the condition, thus enabling more appropriate intervention. This clinic offers diagnostic testing, therapy, and monitoring for people who have dizziness or imbalance which may result from: head injury, stroke, inner ear disorders, migraines, vertigo, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, central nervous system dysfunction, gait dysfunction and other disorders.

In order to be referred to this program, the patient must have: severe, disabling disequilibrium; history of falls due to vertigo or dizziness; Vertigo or dizziness not responsive to usual forms of medical management; significant balance dysfunction in conjunction with head trauma, stroke, drug toxicity or inner ear disorders; persistent dizziness disequilibrium with normal ENG; Gait of balance disorders insufficiently explained by neurologic evaluation; post-amino glycoside therapy or postoperative inner ear surgery; identification of symptom magnification.

This program will help to identify patient strengths/weaknesses, provide a comprehensive rehabilitation program, offer balance training, provide and instruct in a home exercise program, provide environmental and home modification recommendations, educate patient and caregiver, try to prevent falls from occurring through home modification, adaptive equipment prescription, gait training, and general strengthening, follow up during recovery.

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Chesterfield County
Henrico County
Richmond City

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Private Pay
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No Age Requirement
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Must have a referral from physician and meet criteria included in program service details.

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Call the program for an appointment. Visit the website for information.
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